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Our Legal Practices

Our team of committed attorneys understands the importance of your needs.

Preparation - Timing - Launch Process - Proper Introductions

CBIG Law will handle your legal issues with exactness and professionalism.

Providing Guidance to both Emerging and Existing Investment Advisers

New York Office

Guidance on Both Federal and State Securities Issues

Speaking with the Judge

Protection for Clients Before an Investment Fund is Launched

Brooklyn Bridge

Prove Your Strategy While Building a Track Record

Businessmen on Staircase

Where Growth and Development Intersect


Create a Long-Term Fund with Short-Term Objectives

Stock Market Graph

Protect Non-US Investors From US Taxes

Image by Paola Galimberti

Forming Exempt Private Investment Funds

Analyzing Graphs

Create a Specialized Investment Fund Made for Cryptocurrencies

Scattered Coins

Corporate and Business Law

Specific Advice for Your Corporate, Business and Partnership Structures

City Sky

Real Estate and Title Insurance

Protect Your Real Property Rights

Blueprints to a Real Estate Fund

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